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    She Turned her can'ts into cans & her dreams into plans


    I AM BACK!!! Before you say anything I am so sorry for the long hiatus. When I tell ya'll that life got real after my last blog..It got REALLY REAL. So let's jump into it The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

    Even though I thought I would be single forever I found love again....


    In the words of my favorite female MC LIL Kim " Shall I proceed??"...."Yes Indeed!"...... Well Happy Birthday to ME! I am officially 25. That's right I am a quarter of a century old! And it feels AMAZING.

    As I've grown, my birthday's have become a great t...


    Like Erykah Badu said “Love of my life, you are my friend….Love of my life….I can depend…” My mama is just that, one of the loves of my life, my absolute best friend, my biggest cheerleader, teacher; and one person I know I can always depend on. My mama had me when she...


    Meet The Two Little Sisters....

    Kayla: 18. middle sister. Our artistic one. 

                Nickname: KK…

                She is currently a freshman at The Clark Atlanta University…majoring in psychology....


    I remember sitting in the lounge in Tutwiler Hall, I was on call as a Resident Advisor, when my cellphone rang. It was my dad’s friend, I could tell by his voice something was wrong…….

    I started my on-call shift that night and thought it would be a normal night: finishi...

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    Kristin Pressley

    Just a brown girl with big dreams to change the world and spread Love.


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